Boulevard Concrete's countertops are the product of several years of development.  Combining unmatched versatility and functionality our countertops are the foundation of outdoor kitchens and dining spaces. 





Available at a standard thickness of over two inches up to eight inches thick our concrete countertops are one-third the weight of granite.  Reinforced to provide a long-lasting kitchen surface our countertops can be designed to accommodate a variety of kitchen appliances and entertainment needs


After several years of trials Boulevard Concrete uses the best available sealer on every concrete countertops.  Resistant to most food based acids and stains our sealer can be professorially reapplied yearly to preserve the initial quality of the concrete.  If a patina is desired the countertops can be protected with a water and oil barrier to allow the concrete to transcend over time.

colors and finishes

Whether you are looking for the luster of granite or the soft finish of slate we can finish your countertops to your desired brilliance.  Available in our four base colors or in a custom colors by request.